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Top 3 Challenges of Being the Daughter of a Pastor.

It’s normal for us as human beings to glorify those who seemed to have it all together, or those who seemed to have an esteemed position in the community. As a result, we try to find ways to “be like them” when those who in the spotlight will tell you that it’s not easy being them half the time! The Church, for example , provides many positions. You have: the Deacons, the Ushers, the Choir director, the Praise and Worship leader(s), the Elders, the Ministers, The First Lady and Pastor, along with his children who make up the “First Family”.

I myself am apart of the First Family in the Church. Myself and my two brothers have been apart of my Father’s ministry (Higher Calling Christian Center), going on about 15 years now and there has been multiple challenges we have faced as a family and as individuals.  Since I can not speak on the behalf of my brothers, I can speak for the women and young girls who are or have been in my position as the daughter of a Pastor. To keep this short  and to prevent me from dragging this conversation out, I have boiled down the top 3 challenges that I have faced and that others can surly relate to.

1. Everyone Knows Your Business!

Now this is not at the doing of your mother or father intentionally but through fellowship with other churches, more than likely they will provide small details of your life to the congregation as he introduces himself and the family. That’s fairly normal. Yet, since you are in the spotlight, any and every thing you do can be seen or heard about through the grapevine or the “churchvine” as I call it. If you’re dating someone, everybody wants to know about him. Are they saved?  If you’ve been in a relationship for a while already, everybody wants to know when you’re going to get married/and what’s taking so long!. If you’re already married, when are you going to have kids? .If you’re single, all of sudden the church wants to be a matchmaker. I’ve personally met my match and my maker, His name is Jesus!. All jokes aside , there’s very little privacy you have being the daughter of a pastor.  From the clothes you wear to your love life, our lives are constantly under a microscope.

2. You wear many hats!

Preacher’s Kids all over can agree with this one!. When we first started out as a ministry , we started right in our living room. I was the usher, my brothers were the deacons. Later on Jamond, the second oldest, became our piano player and Jamael , the oldest, was our drummer. As for me, I sang in the choir AND praise and worship alongside my mother and my cousins. As we grew as a church, positions changed but we always do over and above because we know the expectations of our Pastor and Father. If you’re a small Church, you understand what it’s like to hold many titles, and you can become frustrated with the responsibilities that have fallen on your shoulders. One thing is for sure, it has taught me how to multitask and always be proud of the work you do in your ministry. You are a valuable part. 

3. We’re Just Like You!

For some odd reason, it seems that we don’t have the privilege of making mistakes like everyone else in the church. If I were to become pregnant and have child out-of-wedlock, or constantly missing church because I was partying late on saturday nights and drinking, everyone would know and then begin to assume that what the Pastor is teaching or preaching isn’t hitting home as it should. We sin just like you, we fall just like you and we get back up just like you. The responsibility of our mistakes does not fall on the shoulders of our parents but on ourselves. This Christian lifestyle is personal, and our salvation is intimate, so the relationship that my father or mother have with God does not transfer to me. We are not perfect, yet we all should be striving to be mature in Christ. Should you hold us accountable, of course, but do it without accusation because that could lead to a rebellious heart. Always pray for those who are in charge or in positions of leadership, their effectiveness is vital to their family and the church as a whole. 

No matter what your title or position in the church is, always remember why you do it and who you do it for. You are a reflection of Christ , so do it with love and integrity.


Always  with Love,

Mia M.

Date with Direction

Dating with direction is very important if you are seeking a godly relationship and marriage! In this video , I go over a few scenarios of relationships that did not end up in marriage no matter the ingredients involved. I hope you like it , subscribe and learn something new. It’s my first video so bear with me ! 🙂

A poem of Transparency


When it’s winter our love is the hottest .
An unnatural phenomenon to the human eye like a Sun spot is.
See our passion lasts the longest like duraflame,
But the sting of the fire brings a little pain. This wildfire has yet to be contained but we risk running through it because we believe it keeps us sane.
Some say strange.
But his penetration to my soul I can’t explain.
His eyes are like the ocean as I drown in him , he swims in me.
Time and time again like volcanos we’re in sync with one another as we erupt at the same moment.
But the scars left from the lava flow seemed to delay the enjoyment.
We went from being ready or not in love, to his arms being the only safe place for this refugee, even though the capacity of our love would often disagree.
True feelings in the midst of false opportunities but his love is the only one that felt like glue to me.
Over time we slipped away because our grip wasn’t strong enough.
Which shouldn’t have been surprising, I mean our foundation was built on weak material, the imitation of trust.
Nevertheless I wanted us.
His touch alone gave me goosebumps, the kind you feel on the inside.
Kisses that could last a lifetime. A key that fit so perfectly the true meaning of soul ties.
But he was never mine.
The first time I was burned by him was one to remember, yet like the new skin that came back, he knew I’d return to sender.
We drifted off then came back around on so many occasions, boomerangs got jealous.
I endured still, because the music we made through my deaf ears was flawless.
Until one day the music stopped.
I could still hear the melody but the lyrics had been changed.
I knew it was to time release and start again. Going in different directions , remaining in the same lane.
What was once an inferno of desire, is now but a few sparks.
But we’re better prepared for the heat now. No more singed hearts.

Daily Bread


Even though Adam hid himself from God, He was close enough to hear Gods voice but far enough where Adam needed to see the difference between paradise in the garden and guilt in one’s sin. It’s almost instinct when you do something wrong, you try to hide it from God and others so no one can see what you did. God sees all, so there’s no reason to become distant, we should rather run to the father and seek forgiveness for after forgiveness comes restoration. He won’t hold it over your head, He simply says “Come, let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool”(Isaiah 1:18). Ask yourself today, “Where am I?”, and if you find that you are not in congruence with where God is, don’t hide, Go to Him.


Keeping His Promise

Dear Future Husband..

I am hard. My walls have been broken down and put back up.

Broken down once more, and put back up again.

When I first met you, those walls were thick enough and strong enough to withstand any earthquake, natural disaster and fire.

I did not feel the need to built a escape route because I felt that the only person that could do it would never understand or see my pain.

Yet you were relentless. Almost annoying.

I couldn’t understand why you kept at it.

Was I really that interesting? I guess I am or you wouldn’t have married me right?

It’s clear that you weren’t like the others from my past.

You saw through the fight I put up to cover my pain but you didn’t buy it.

I can tell that even then you were lead by God to break my walls down and allowed you to love me the way I needed to be loved.

See I was convinced that my tough love would make the ones who hurt me see their mistakes .

I was wrong. So very wrong.

I was so busy defending my pain I couldn’t see anyone else. I’m so glad you poured into me.

You didn’t leave or back when when you saw turmoil or differences.

Thank you.

Thank you for being stubborn in our relationship when I felt that I could do it on my own. You became my escape route because I know God has given you the tools to break my old habits and lead my heart to you.


Your Favor.

Keeping His Promise